Somnivore is your platform for high-throughput sleep science. It employs supervised machine learning and data mining to accelerate and augment the entire pipeline of a sleep study, from raw signals to automated sleep scoring, and all the way to complete study reports and preliminary statistics. Somnivore is built for biologists that like to avoid coding.


Somnivore is constantly optimised to deliver the highest performance available. All graphics are GPU accelerated, we use every single core your CPU has available and machine learning allows automated scoring with both unprecedented speed and reliability. Scoring 24hrs of recordings can take as little as 20 mins including subsequent manual quality review.


Somnivore’s technology has been validated and peer-reviewed. This ensures that the safe and reliable use of automated scoring is only one reference away. Somnivore doesn’t claim to know how to score, it instead learns from an expert after a brief session of manual scoring. This ensures that the output is consistent with the scoring style of each user. Since 2019 Somnivore has enabled over 17 peer-reviewed studies and counting.

user friendly

Somnivore’s core mission is to deliver the most seamless and user-friendly experience for polysomnography analysis. Raw signals can be visualised in multiple ways, while DirectX acceleration enables the fast and beautiful visualisation of billions of data points per second. We constantly craft our user interface to be as functional as beautiful.

constantly updated

While most software is updated occasionally or every couple of years, Somnivore is updated weekly, and we can address critical bugs as quickly as a day after they were flagged to us. This is because we have a continuous line of support with our users, 24/7.

constantly enhanced

We hold regular meetings with our customers to gauge the best way to evolve Somnivore forward, adding functionalities according to your input. We consider ourselves a software company as much as your partner private data analytics company.


While Somnivore is a high-end solution, it will enable you to scale back your hiring needs, while providing your leanest team with the best day-day research experience possible. We pride ourselves on turning small academic labs into small industrial powerhouses.

Bespoke Data Analytics

If your field of research is not sleep but our scientific interests are aligned, we can work out ways to build a Somnivore catered to your field of research.

Current research projects with our bespoke partners include:

  • Psychedelic Science – Assessment of the effects of continuous infusion DMT on consciousness and brain activity using high density EEG. This project is in collaboration with The Centre of Psychedelic Research, Imperial College.

    – Evaluation of effects of intramuscular 5-MeO-DMT injections on EEG, MEG and wellbeing related biomarkers. This project is carried out by a team of multidisciplinary scientists at Swinburne University of Technology.

  • Epilepsy  – Complex seizure detection and analysis..
  • Freediving – EEG analysis of brain-activity in freedivers collected from experimental immersible sports device. This project is in collaboration with University of California Santa Cruz.

     – Analysis of survey-data to ascertain the effects of freediving on wellbeing and consciousness. This project is carried out in collaboration with a research team from Maastricht University and AIDA Croatia

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