In 2012 our founder Jack started his PhD, tasked with investigating the role of an obscure neuropeptide in the architecture of sleep. Faced with hundreds of hours’ worth of recordings to manually score and analyze he had a breakdown and decided to pivot his project to create the missing technology that would have made his previous project fun instead of absolutely dreadful. In 2015 Somnivore came alive, two years later Jack’s PhD was done and Somnivore became a peer-reviewed method.

The University of Melbourne noticed what Jack had done and smelt an opportunity for internal innovation and good publicity. Somnivore was given business breakthrough status in 2017, and the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics became Somnivore’s first client, disrupting the way it carried out sleep science for decades. Jack was initiated into the TRaM business incubator at the Melbourne Business School. In 2019 Somnivore Pty Ltd was incorporated, opening the floodgates to fast, reliable, and user-friendly sleep science data analytics.

Somnivore was born out of a technical and existential vacuum in sleep science data analytics. Manual scoring was still done the same as in the 50s, everyone had to rely on several clunky, slow, and inefficient tools. Somnivore overhauled the field offering reliable and tested automated scoring and data mining, while ensuring scientists can supervise the process and ensure the highest quality of the entire research pipeline, from raw signals to complete study reports.

Somnivore is a high-end platform for the study of consciousness and a bespoke data analytics company. We hold a 24/7 direct support line, resolve bugs within days not months, and constantly introduce new features suggested by our clients and many more cool ones we find on our mission for better data science.

We ensure Somnivore’s quality and integrity both with constant feedback from our users and by using Somnivore ourselves. As part of our operations, we also have a research division where we run and co-produce cutting edge primary research with many of our academic partners.

Today Somnivore has expanded from sleep to cater to many other areas of consciousness research, from psychedelic science, ecophysiology neuroscience and freediving research. Somnivore is as much a company as our adventure into the study of consciousness and what makes our life as humans, not just as scientists, worthwhile.